BIZARRE a New Project by Meg Pinsonneault -Thirsty Girl Films


Who said being different is a bad thing? And what happens when you are beyond different, and your talents surpass the boundaries of the human limits?  You are unique, beautiful, and yes, to some, Bizarre.

In the words of Master Lu Yi, “No training, no basics. No basics, no trick. No trick, no show. No show, no life!”

BIZARRE is the upcoming project from Meg Pinsonneault, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Thirsty Girl Films (Feast of The Foolish), which offers a new approach to the world of circus, and more than that, the artists behind it.

“Bizarre” is a short documentary about passion, triumph, and heartache. It takes a rare inside look at the lives of performers, instructors, and big top lovers working to keep the circus arts alive and thriving in America. The film follows rising star and world-renowned aerialists, acrobats, and clowns who have dedicated their lives to the circus. Part portraiture, part documentary, and part performance, this unique short film offers a window into what it really takes to become a professional circus artist.

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