AT&T SHAPE Returns to the Warner Bros. Studios

Guests can view volumetric video stories & capture their own volumetric story to view over 5G and share on social media.

AT&T SHAPE explores the convergence of technology and entertainment through news, content and events. In its 4th year, AT&T SHAPE 2019 focused on exploring 5G and the future of entertainment through interactive exhibits, from real-time AR motion capture and holographic tech to AI, and engaging speakers. Attendees witnessed the potential impact of 5G and mixed reality (MR) on our lives, were inspired by creators pushing new frontiers in storytelling and visual effects, and dove into immersive entertainment experiences.

The event also featured a tour of the iconic Warner Bros. Studios, including the sets of TV shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory, Backlots and Soundstages, and tons of movie memorabilia. Take a look at some images and moments from the event below.

Live motion capture by Noitom. With the approaching ubiquity of 5G technology, real-time cloud based digital puppeteering and augmented reality character (AR) interaction is now a commercially viable solution to communicate with the audience.
The Ericsson Arcade mixed cutting edge technology with old school gaming. Attendees were able to put their gaming skills to the test while playing with 3G, 4G and 5G network latencies.
Fans got their own close encounter with a Wight and a White Walker in “The Dead Must Die” experience developed jointly with Magic Leap.
AT&T Film Awards finalists showed their films, alongside selected content from Rooster Teeth, Crunchyroll and Roadtrip Nation.
From 5G to Wi-Fi 6, the NETGEAR booth showcased how their latest products are leading the new era of connectivity.

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