Great Showdowns The Revenge: Third Time is A Charming Confrontation


“Revenge has never been so sweet” can be applied literally to the fabulous work of Illustrator Scott C throughout his “Showdown” series of books. What might look as minimalist illustrations, is actually a painstakingly detail oriented depiction of iconic moments in film: from the details on the clothing to the subtle yet accurate facial features, nothing is missed in this charming third entry on his collection.

As a big fan of Scott, probably my favorite aspect about “showdowns” is that he doesn’t shy away from being accurate about the blood or even gore present in some of these films (the severed hand from 127  Hours makes an appearance, only featuring a big smile). He just channels them though his own endearing prism and the results are unique, funny and delightful.

Check out some images from his book, which I highly recommend to Film fans, as it delivers a very fun time of “figuring out” which movie they belong to.

Can you guess which films are portrayed below? 








Great Showdowns The Revenge by Titan Books is out now and available at

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