The Muppets Movie and the Great Legacy of J. Henson

Jim Henson never yelled, not at anyone or himself. He was a leader by example. And everyone respected him. Those are the words of a former coworker of his, which joins many others quotes about him in the book “It’s not easy being green”, a compilation of thoughts, anecdotes and loving memories from the people in his life, even some of his own at times. Can I say I had never read/heard anything about Henson that I don’t find fascinating?  From him being inspired on trees to make his puppets, to creating Fraggle Rock to stop future wars worldwide: he believed that if you teach a kid from very early age that many different beings can coexist in peace  ( in this case the Fraggles, Doozers, and The Royal Family), there would be more social acceptance throughout the world. Simple concept, yet brilliant, like everything he did. He refused attending puppet school, considering that self-learning is a source of creativity and invention, and nowadays we know he was right, since he revolutionized the technique and even opened a new chapter in special effects on films and tv. The Jim Henson’s Company’s Creature Shop has worked on films from Labyrinth and Babe, to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Where the Wild Things Are, combining old puppetry techniques with the highest technology on both robotics and programming to CGI. And what about his beloved Muppets? People around him said that Kermit was his alter ego in green: a gentle leader who is kind to his friends and others. Creativity was always encouraged in set, and you can see the results of that with characters that are still interesting and beloved to this date. Have you ever noticed that any of the Muppets blinks? ( a perk of mine knowing animation ). I bet you don’t. They don’t need to, the talent behind them distract you from simple facts like that wich could make them unreal in other places, and Jim knew it.

What about the upcoming movie? This is Jason Segal’s project, from pitching the script to starring on it aside Amie Adams, and to be honest, can’t think of a more appropriate cast for what promises to be a warm and funny movie. The viral Youtube videos have contributed to the anticipation for the film, if you haven’t checked them out you should, just think of parody’s from Paranormal Activity to Twilight starring the Muppets characters.
I have high expectations from this film, from the standpoint of a huge Henson fan, who only wants this film to carry the torch of a legend, whose genius gave us characters in a way we had never seen, and whose heart wanted to change the world through characters and stories we still love. Almost as much as he did.