The Hunger Games Full Theatrical Trailer Revealed This Morning

After long awaited anticipation, this morning in Good Morning America it was finally revealed the full trailer for The Hunger Games, the first installment in the trilogy of the same name, inspired by the books written by Suzanne Collins. This series captured my imagination from page one, a must read filled with subjects such as overcoming challenges and tragedies, the relevance of family and friends, love in all of its forms, from filial to romantic, to, most relevant of all, self empowerment. And given the fact that the main character is a teenage girl, it gives it some extra points in my book. Jennifer Lawrence ( Winter’s Bone ) starts as Katness Everdeen, one of the best written female characters lately, so smart and skilled she’s in the permanent position of saving everyone around her: from her family to even his male counterparts, an amazing achievement in storytelling, specially in this era still filled with “victimized” female characters. There was a lot of controversy around the casting of Lawrence, but if you ask me, even the most skeptical has to have been convinced by the spine chilling delivery of “I volunteer!”, once the character of her little sister’s was called into the reaping. The rest of the cast looks good, and some of it almost unrecognizable and utterly stylish ( see Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci and Wes Bentley ).  My only concern was the overall look of Haymitch, played by Woody Harrelson, even though casting wise I can’t think of a better choice for this role. This trailer looks very promising, was pleased to see the portray of the action sequences and the “Games”, the “Capitol’s” eccentricity and most important of all: the promise of a Katness Everdeen that could stand up to the one in the book: vulnerable but completely fierce, the kind of girl who deserves to be a cult following hero.