Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards


The first time I saw Adventure Time it took me a second (or three) to actually understand what was going on. The best part was realizing that it wasn’t necessary to have fun with it, and I was hooked. There is something completely liberating about a show where you feel anything (literally) can happen: is exciting, entrancing and it captures my imagination every single time.

In Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards we see a glimpse of the minds that come together to create one of the most original animated shows on cable today. It comprises the images that open each episode, and the stories and inspirations behind them.


This hardcover edition features absolutely gorgeous illustrations and artwork by its creators, illustrators and writers: Pen Ward, Nick Jennings, Paul Linsley, Andy Ristaino, Phil Rynda. Alongside we can also see sketches, concept art and stories about the inspiration behind each graphic: from pulp art, to old school horror, to 8-bit videogames, giving us a glimpse of the creative melting pot of sensibilities (and sense of humor) of the people responsible for the escapades of Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline (a personal favorite) and the rest of the habitants of Ooo .






This is a books fans of the show will definitively have a great time with, so as art, illustration and animation enthusiasts.

ADVENTURE TIME: The Original Cartoon Title Cards by Titan Books is out now available at