Industrial Light & Magic: How They Created the Hulk in ‘THE AVENGERS’

No wonder Mark Ruffalo’s “Hulk” has become such a big fan favorite: this is to date the most realistic portrayal of the beloved anti-hero from Marvel. Not only he moves in a completely organic way, his face achieves a wide and oh-so-cool range of emotions.

Industrial Light and Magic is one of those places I dream of visiting someday. There’s this show from the 90’s called “Movie Magic” about how the Luca’s owned company created the effects for films such as Terminator 2, Hocus Pocus and many others. I remember recording those in VHS and finding them fascinating. How cool is that this company still is at the top of their game? They represent to me the perfect marriage of technology and creativity, and the results speak for themselves. Luckily is Youtube who does all the recording of their achievements for me now, since I ran out of VHS tapes (quite) a long time ago.

Which movies have particularly impressed you in regards of their special effects?