New Wreck It Ralph Trailer Aiming to Appeal to Adult Audiences

Even though animation is still considered an almost “for kids only” media by big studios, the new trailer for Disney’s Wreck It Ralph is definitively looking forward winning over a  wider demographic. The first time I saw any promotional material for this film I was already “sold” by the premise of a movie that celebrated the video game culture, with nods to both recent and old school franchises. In addition to this, the new trailer features songs like “Some Nights” from the band Fun (a personal favorite), “Funky Town” and others, which implies the studio is looking for an overall “all audiences” appeal for the film.

As a gamer myself (who pretty much slept besides her Nintendo as a kid) I have high expectations for this film. Looking at Bowser, Dr. Eggamn, Q-bert and many others brought a big smile to my face. They had me at “16 bit”.