The Art of The Regular Show: A Delight For Its Fans and Animation Lovers


It doesn’t matter if you are a fan (like myself) of Mordecay and Rigby, The Art of The Regular Show is an interesting inside look at the creative process  required to  bring to life an animated series. Through interviews with its creator JG Quintel and the voice actors behind its main characters, we learn that it pays off remaining closely attached to your ideas and instincts when it comes to pitching a show while still making it fun.

It didn’t necessarily look like anything that was being produced by the Cartoon Network at the time. What might be confused with overly simplistic design is actually the perfect channel to accomplish its unique tone: equal parts of goof, surrealism and nostalgia. You can feel anything is possible in this universe, but at the same time there’s a familiarity that grounds it for audiences, specially when it comes to the often (and hilarious) references to 80’s culture.

This is a show I’m a big fan of and it gets a deserving loving treatment in this compilation of drawings, storyboards, concept art and even reference photos of actual objects and places that inspired some of its most iconic episodes. Take a look at some images from it below:









The Art of The Regular Show by Titan Books is out now and available at


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