The Lorax Trailer

Colors in this trailer look like they are about to pop out of your screen. Illumination Studios (Despicable Me) and Universal, brings us an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss story. At first I thought that it was made by the same studios from “Norton Hears a Who”, since there are similarities style/design wise, I guess you can blame those on the source material, or both studios wanting to create a “universe” both films could live in. This movie looks very promising, really like the character design and, voice talent wise, I need to watch the movie first to get an opinion on that, even though I already like De Vito (who plays the Lorax) and Ed Helmes involvement, (the other characters are voiced by Taylor Swift and Zach Efron, then again, I’m not judging until I watch the final product). Next year promises to be an interesting one animation wise, hope it lives up to it’s premise, unlike this year’s “superhero-movies-hype”, which wasn’t that “super” at all.