Avengers: Age of Ultron Is An Awaited Comeback that Doesn’t Disappoint


If I could sum up Avengers: Age of Ultron into one word it would be Together. Director Joss Whedon shows once more why he is the perfect director for this franchise: he knows exactly why (and how) these films click with audiences.

Age of Ultron brings back some of the most beloved characters in the Superhero genre, yet it is the interaction between each other what makes this movie so incredibly entertaining. Black Widow throwing his shield to Captain America, Thor and Iron Man combining their weapons, Hawkeye and Hulk working together, all happening at unison on screen, in a matter of seconds, during intrinsically choreographed sequences. Even in the dialogue scenes the chemistry between the actors is a fantastic jolt of energy to watch. Whedon’s characteristic sense of humor just put the finishing touches into moments that fans of both the graphic novels and the films will delight on.

But even with incredibly charismatic actors such as Robert Downey Jr or Chris Hemsworth, sometimes the show gets stolen from them by breathtaking special effects. This movie feels and looks expensive, and has the scale many other in the genre have tried yet failed to achieve in recent years. From a single building falling down to an entire city in chaos, it’s a grandiose spectacle you can’t take your eyes away from, even at its impresive141 mins run. Ultron, voiced by James Spader, features fantastic CGI, and a character design than, even when controversial among hardcore fans, fits perfectly into this universe.

Probably the only thing I can point out as far from perfect is the ambitiousness of the plot. I kept wondering through some convoluted moments in the story if my self not being a connoisseur of the source material (even though I’ve watched every single Marvel film) was to blame, would love to hear from the comics devotees their take on this matter. Yet all the other elements on this feature work so incredibly well that, even when I was lost regarding the story, I still was having a fantastic time.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is nothing short of an action packed, over-the-top-fun, epic scale blockbuster, sure to entertain a wide spectrum of audiences. This entry has the kind of allure that appeals to different ages, (I personally found myself feeling like a kid again), and that’s exactly why both Marvel and Whedon have had such a successful run. The tone here is delightfully self aware, humorous, almost incoherent to an extend, yet it is that sense of “anything can happen” (and it does) what makes this efforts the onscreen joy fest that viewers can’t have enough of. It isn’t here to explain or justify anything you see, it was made to entertain and it does so triumphantly. Who needs reality when you can have flying Demi-Gods, monsters, magical weapons and talking robots? Specially when you can have them all in one place, and even better, by the bunch.


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