5 Hidden Gems You Need To Watch on Netflix

1-THE WORLD OF TOMORROW “A little girl answers a video phone and begins an extraordinary journey of memory and discovery guided by her own clone 227 years into the future”….


“Midnight Special” Trailer: Amblin Vibe, Amazing Cast

Midnight Special, the latest feature from writer/director Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter) looks nothing short of spectacular. It channels a phenomenal “Amblin” vibe of movies such as Close Encounters of the…


New Trailer for SING From Illumination Entertainment

Illumination Entertainment (the guys behind Despicable Me and Minions) will bring us two “furry” features this year. Following The Secret Life of Pets (out this summer) comes Sing, in which…


Hail, Caesar!: Hollywood Chaos Never Looked So Beautiful

Let me try to write this review without using worn-out sentences like “Heartfelt Homage”, “Love Letter to Cinema” and “Old Hollywood Glamour” (good luck to me). Because the latest effort…


5 Best Underseen Movies of 2015

1-EX MACHINA: Before becoming Poe Dameron and General Hux, Oscar Issac and Domhnall Gleeson started together in my absolute favorite film of 2015, along the phenomenal Alicia Vikander. The plot: A…


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is a Study in How To Make The Perfect Sequel

If I were to sit down and put on my “critic” or “journalist” hat before writing this review I’d say: “J.J. Abrams proves once more nobody knows better than him…


X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Offers First Look at New Mutants

Bryan Singer is back to direct the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse, which this time finds Professor X (James McAvoy), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), and others joining forces to battle an ancient mutant…

5 Netflix Picks For Animation Lovers

Netflix can make us fall for what I call “The Black Hole Effect”: once you start browsing through the titles you never know when you’ll leave the main menu. If…


Krampus Deserves a Place on Your Christmas List

Crafting an effective niche film is harder than it seems, and Krampus arrived this season as an unexpected (but welcomed) gift. Even if the horror-comedy genre isn’t new, the concoction…


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer Debuts on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wedenesday with an introduction by Ben Affleck. The highly anticipated first trailer debuted at Comic-Con this year, but…

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