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Geek-Story: The Yamin VHS Rental Store

I grew up without a cell phone. I discovered what Internet was in College. The average time back then for a short online video to load was about thirty minutes….


How to Improve Your Movie Going Experience

  Going to theaters can be a roulette at times, we can have a great experience or not have the best of times in some occasions. I go to the…


Funniest Moments in Nicolas Cage’s Vampire’s Kiss

Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors: when he is in a good movie he’s amazing, and in a bad film…he’s even better. If you are a fan of…


Watch Destino: An Animated Short Film by Salvador Dali and Disney

Mix surrealism, plastic arts, traditional animation, CGI, gorgeous music and you get: Destino. This short animated film took more thank half a century in the making due to the studios financial…


Tim Burton’s Secret Formula by Collegehumor

As an honest-to-heart sincere Tim Burton Fan, this video made me laugh to no end. No words about it, just check it out… If you want to follow me on Twitter…


Classic Scenes in Film: Pink Elephants on Parade

Just picture this: a studio producing a “family oriented” film, where an infant gets completely drunk, to the point of hallucinating about scary looking elephants who morph into all kind…


Making of A Scene: Muppets Riding Bikes in The Great Muppet Caper

When this scene was mentioned in the Filmspotting podcast (which I absolutely recommend) it immediately captured my imagination. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was little and it…

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